We have a lot of dreams regarding this place, we want to restore it to former glory and repopulate the place with cows and chiming cow-bells. From the milk I want to make cheese and other products, Mathias want to use his charcuterie education to make delicious meat products like sausages and air dried hams. Our dream is to make and finally be able to offer our small scale artisan food products to all of you, and hopefully through this website.

We also have some vague thoughts about offering simple living, a cabin life experience sometime in the future. For those interested in a moment with reconnection with nature and simple farm life.

We have decided to make all our material available to everyone, that doesn’t mean that the content is not worth anything and neither does it mean that we can do all this creative work without support. So through Patreon you have a chance to support us and our journey at Talasbuan. But no matter how you support us, economically or otherwise, we appreciate everyone of you!

This is written Friday the 2nd of november 2018, so we will se how long it will take before we manage to get there. At least now we have a somewhat clear vision of what we want, and they say its easier to accomplish your goals if you have written it down.